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This first of its kind RV Tackle Transport mounts directly to standard rear-facing manufacturer-installed roof access ladders on most campers or RV’s.  Whether mounted for the foreseeable future, or just for the weekend – its non-marring attachment makes for easy installation and removal, with absolutely no permanent alterations made to your vehicle, and without impeding on use of the ladder for its intended purpose.


Rod install and removal takes only seconds, as gravity alone maintains the stowed rods for over-the-road transport – there are no straps or clamps of any kind.  It carries any variety of up to a dozen complete and ready-to-use spinning or casting rod/reel combinations.


Crafted from UV-rated high-density polyethylene that’s milled using CNC technology and fastened with 100% stainless steel hardware; your Tackle Transport is sure to last and look great for years to come. 


No more bringing sharp tackle, slimy baits, and fragile rods into your living and storage spaces!  Heath RV Tackle Transports get them safely outside, to the rear of the vehicle where they’re out of the wind, and out of your way until you’re ready for them.


Proudly made in the U.S.A.

12-Rod RV Tackle Transport in Seafoam

$239.99 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price
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